Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mount Merapi began forming a new lava dome

Mount Merapi began forming a new lava dome. It is characterized by the appearance of incandescent lava is observed from a number of observation posts and camera monitors at Plawangan at around 18:50 pm, Tuesday (11/02/2010). "The emergence of incandescent lava indicate the formation of a new lava dome, and this means starting to show characteristics of the eruption of Merapi," said Chief Hall Kegunungapian Investigation and Technology Development (BPPTK) Subandriyo Yogyakarta on Tuesday.

According to him, glowing lava avalanche leading to the south side of the mountain or into the upper Kali Gendol. He also said that if the formation of a new lava dome lasts stable, then the process of eruption of the mountain as high as 2965 meters above sea level can be said to have entered the final phase.

However, Subandriyo not been able to confirm the time required to form a new lava dome is stable. He said the process of forming a new lava dome until a stable position depends on the supply of magma. "If you push the magma has begun to weaken and the new lava dome that formed was in a stable position, then the process of eruption has been said over," he said.

However, if the lava was piled up and blocked, then the possibility will arise or glowing cloud of hot volcanic material. At the eruption of 2010, the nature of the Merapi magma is acidic because it contains silica as much as 57 percent so that the magma contains more gas. Gas is also triggering the explosive nature of the Merapi eruption. Merapi erupted four times, namely on October 26, 30 October, 31 October and 1 November 2010.

Previously, Head of Geological Agency Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources R Sukhyar said, Mount Merapi began releasing its energy in a smaller scale. According to him, it is marked by a glowing cloud of hot blast of hot clouds and not as happened in four eruptions recently.

"When the cloud of hot avalanches took place more often, then this is good precisely because of Mount Merapi began to release its energy. But that was on a small scale," he said.

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